4 Ways to Avoid a Cracked Tooth

A cracked tooth can be more than just uncomfortable – it can also lead to oral health issues. Chewing with a cracked tooth can lead to infection in the pulp of the tooth, causing pain and even leading to a tooth extraction in Athens TX. It’s better to avoid a cracked tooth altogether! Here’s what you can do to avoid a cracked tooth.

1. Never Use Your Teeth As “Scissors”

Your teeth are not meant to cut through hard plastic, paper, cardboard, and other materials. Some people use their teeth as “scissors” to cut through packaging when no scissors are available.

Using your teeth in this way can cause cracks in your teeth. If you need to cut through packaging and don’t have a blade on hand, use something hard like your car keys.

2. Avoid Chewing Hard Candy

Hard candy is tasty, but it’s not good for your teeth. Hard candy is especially bad for your teeth when you bite down on it. Suck on hard candy and, if you’re tempted to bite down on it, set it aside for a while.

3. Wear a Mouth Guard If You Need One

People who grind their teeth are more likely to develop cracks in the enamel. If you grind your teeth at night, wear a mouth guard to protect your teeth and prevent these cracks.

If you don’t have a mouth guard, talk to your dentist to get one. Although they sell mouthguards at the pharmacy, the best mouthguards are custom-made.

4. See Your Dentist Regularly

See your dentist in Athens Texas to check your teeth for cracks and other problems that can lead to cracks. At Athens Smiles, we’ll monitor your tooth health and identify potential for cracks. Call today to make an appointment for a general checkup.

Do Fillings Have to Be Replaced?

Every year, millions of people see a dentist and walk away with a filling in their tooth where a spot of decay had formed. Fillings are one of the most effective ways to stop the deterioration of the tooth, but having one can bring about a few questions. One specific question patients tend to have is whether or not a filling ever has to be replaced. Here is a look at the answer to that question and a few other things to know about dental fillings.

All Fillings Do Eventually have to Be Replaced

A well-placed dental filling can last for many years before it starts to break down. However, the materials will eventually break down and need replacement. When dental filling breakdown occurs, it allows bacteria to get into the tooth and start to encourage new decay. The time it takes for a filling to breakdown can be related to:

  • Where the filling is placed; fillings in teeth primarily responsible for chewing may break down faster
  • What type of filling material you have (e.g. composite, amalgam, etc.)
  • The size of the filling

How Do You Know If a Filling Needs to Be Replaced?

One of your best plans of action is to follow a good routine when it comes to general dentistry checkups. It can be difficult to see that a dental filling has worn to the point that it should be replaced. The bond between the tooth and the filling may be interior where it can’t be seen, so if the bond breaks down, you may not notice much of anything. Of course, once a filling breaks down enough, it can fall out, which is an obvious sign that the filling should be replaced.

Let’s Talk About Dental Fillings in Athens, TX

A filling can be the number one thing protecting a tooth from further decay. If you believe you have a filling that needs to be replaced, don’t delay. Reach out to us at Athens Smiles Family Dental in Athens to schedule an appointment to have your dental filling assessed and replaced as needed.