What’s the Best Way to Avoid Wrinkles Around My Mouth?

Wrinkles around the mouth are one of the tell-tale signs of aging. Depending on genetics, gender, diet, and lifestyle, you may have more or fewer wrinkles around the mouth than other people your age. However, if you take steps soon enough, you may be able to prevent at least some wrinkles from forming around the mouth area. Following are some natural methods that will help you avoid wrinkles around your mouth.

Practice Facial Exercises

A few simple facial exercises can help to tighten and tone the skin around the mouth while reducing the appearance of fine lines. For best results, practice facial exercises daily.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking causes your lips to purse up. This chronic position leads to wrinkles first of all, because you are forcing wrinkled skin around the sensitive mouth area. But the other reason that smoking causes wrinkles around the mouth is that smoking reduces collagen levels in the skin and makes it harder for skin tissue to absorb vitamins and minerals from the foods you eat.

Consider Facial Peels

Facial peels are a very effective method to both alleviate wrinkles around the mouth and improve the texture of the skin. Concentrated mask treatments that are pectin-based are wholly natural. The acid in the fruit is what helps remove the dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. Some brands are specifically developed to counteract the effects of aging, such as loss of collagen, and to restore the moisture that promotes a more youthful look.

The good news is that you are able to smooth things out and soften the area around your mouth so that lines are less likely to form. And remember, one way to make your mouth look even more appealing is to ensure your teeth and gums are as healthy as possible. So be sure to visit your Athens, TX dentist on a regular basis!

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