Why It’s So Important to Repair a Chipped Tooth  

Do you have a chipped tooth? Most people don’t realize that having a chipped tooth can lead to irreparable damage. However, any dentist in Athens, TX will tell you that repairing a chipped tooth as soon as possible is the only way to avoid irreversible damage.

Why It’s So Important to Repair a Chipped Tooth

Here are four reasons why it is so important that you have your chipped tooth repaired as soon as possible! Your dentist might suggest bonding, a filling, or maybe even a dental crown in Athens, TX.

1. Loss of Tooth Structure

The treatment for having a chipped tooth will vary depending on how deep the chip goes. However, a chipped tooth is essentially a loss of your tooth’s original structure. This can lead to new chips and cracks in your tooth’s enamel which will result in further deterioration of your tooth over time.

Therefore, if you don’t have your chipped tooth fixed, that chip could get worse until it reaches the nerve in your tooth. Once that happens, you will experience extreme tooth pain, bad breath, tender glands, and possibly a fever.

2. Susceptible to Infection

A chipped tooth is susceptible to infection. That infection could move to your neck and head and result in additional health issues. And, while rare, an infected chipped tooth could become life-threatening.

3. Increased Sensitivity to Heat, Cold, and Pain While Chewing

When you have a chipped tooth, that tooth will become sensitive to heat and cold and will hurt when you chew.

4. Damage to the Surrounding Soft Tissue

Your chipped tooth could result in further oral damage. A chipped tooth can injure the surrounding soft tissue in your mouth such as your tongue and gums.

Do You Need a Dentist in Athens, TX?

If you need a dentist in Athens, TX to fix a chipped tooth or address any of your other dental issues, please Contact Athens Smiles Family Dental today. We provide quality dental services in a comfortable, friendly environment and deliver them as gently as possible.


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