The Worst Foods For Your Teeth  

The ideal diet includes a wider range of whole, nutrient-dense foods that are free from chemicals and additives. Unfortunately, many people struggle to consistently eat an ideal diet. Here and there, processed, sugary foods make their way into the mouths of millions of Americans. As your Athens, TX, dentist can tell you, some foods are worse than others. The following is a collection of the worst foods for your teeth.

Heavily Processed Breads

It would be a mistake to try to eliminate every single kind of bread from your diet. But avoiding heavily processed breads like white bread is a good idea. These kinds of breads quickly break down into sugar, feeding bad bacteria in the mouth and helping it to proliferate. Also, soft breads tend to get stuck in between teeth, making it harder to do a thorough cleaning job with brushing and flossing.

Hard Candies

Hard candies not only have a tendency to get bits and pieces stuck in the molars; they also have more of a chance to break or crack your teeth. If you absolutely must have hard candies, consider only sucking on them and not biting into them. And afterwards, be sure to brush and rinse to help clear away lingering sugar.

Dried Fruit

Many people enjoy dried fruit as a snack or a power lunch on the go when it’s included in things like trail mix. But all sugar—even fructose—is harmful to teeth. Dried fruit is worse because it’s sticky and tends to stick to the crevices in the molars. Consider skipping this food altogether. But if you do indulge, make sure you brush and rinse thoroughly afterward.

Your Athens, TX, dentist understands that it’s unreasonable for people to give up every single bad food. But being aware of the dangers and taking extra precautions against dental decay are worth it. Contact us today to book your next dentist appointment.


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