How Does Sugar Affect Your Teeth?

While candy and sugary soft drinks taste good, the reality is that they are not doing your teeth any good whatsoever. In fact, the more sugar you consume, the more damage you are doing to your teeth, and the more help you’ll need from your dentist in Athens, TX. Should you be curious as to just what sugar does to your teeth, here are some facts that may leave you bewildered.

Sugar Turns into Acid

Yes, thanks to sugar-loving microbes in your mouth, all that sugar that goes into your mouth gets turned into acid. When this happens, tooth enamel breaks down, resulting in tooth decay and eventually one cavity after another.

The Onset of Gum Disease

When you consume lots of sugar and combine it with not brushing and flossing as you should each day, you are setting the stage for the onset of gum disease. If left unchecked, this will turn into periodontitis, ultimately affecting your gums as well as the bones that support your teeth. When this occurs, you may start having teeth that are loose or even fall out, which could result in you needing dental implants or other procedures.

Other Health Problems

Once sugar starts impacting your teeth by way of decay and gum disease, you can expect other health problems to develop as well. In fact, oral health is closely linked to your overall health. For example, should you let yourself develop a severe case of gum disease, this may increase your chances of developing heart disease, dementia, and other health issues.

Needless to say, your dentist in Athens, TX wants you to know that sugar doesn’t do your teeth or your body much good. While you may not have to say goodbye forever to an occasional piece of candy or soft drink, keeping these as a small part of your diet will have your teeth and body being very grateful.

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