Do You Need an Implant Repaired? We Can Help

You need dental implant restoration in Athens, TX if your implant feels loose, you notice it has a small chip or crack, or it has fallen out of your mouth. The longer you put off scheduling an appointment at Athens Smile Family Dental, the more likely it is that the implant will fail entirely.

How We Repair Dental Implants

The exact procedure we follow depends on why your dental implant needs repair. Having a loose implant is a common example. Our dentist checks the abutment, which is the piece that attaches the artificial tooth to the titanium rod in your jaw, to see if that is the problem. If so, correcting it is as simple as temporarily removing the artificial tooth and tightening the abutment.

Issues with the implant itself require a bit more investigation. Our dentist removes both the artificial tooth and the abutment to determine if the implant screw has somehow slid in your jaw and reinstalls it if necessary. We need to repeat the installation procedure when some or all parts of the implant have fallen out of your mouth.

When an artificial tooth is cracked or chipped, we typically only need to replace that portion of the implant. However, our dentist will check both the abutment and implant post to see if either of them requires replacement.

Dental Implant Failure

Approximately five percent of people who receive dental implants experience failure months to years later. The good news is that many of the factors that affect dental implant failure are within your control. Smoking, gum disease, and poor oral hygiene are the leading causes of dental implant failure.

Whether you need dental implant restoration in Athens, TX, or feel your implants have failed, we encourage you to contact our dental practice for immediate treatment.

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