4 Ways to Avoid Staining Your Teeth

Over time, teeth can become stained. When we first get our teeth, they’re pearly white and beautiful. Over time, our teeth can become yellowed due to exposure to staining foods. You can prevent your teeth from becoming stained through good eating, drinking and tooth care.

1. Know Which Foods and Drinks Stain

Some foods stain worse than others. Foods that are dark red, have tannins and foods that are saucy are usually the worst for staining. The biggest offenders include:

  • Coffee and tea
  • Soda
  • Wine (red and white)
  • Berries
  • Grape and cranberry juice
  • Beets
  • Soy sauce
  • Sports drinks
  • Tomato sauce

2. Brush Or Rinse Your Mouth After Consuming Staining Foods and Drinks

If you’ve been eating foods that stain your teeth, rinse or clean your teeth after your meal. You can do this by swishing your mouth with water while drinking, or you can actually brush your teeth. Carry a toothbrush around in your purse or in a handbag to make teeth brushing easier after you’ve been out.

3. Use Straws

Straws carry liquid past your teeth and enable you to drink without coating your teeth in a staining agent. Keep a supply of non-disposable straws at your house, and get used to using them.

4. Visit the Dentist Regularly, Whiten Your Teeth

Cleaning your teeth on a regular basis helps keep them white. Visit the dentist every six months (or as often as recommended) to keep your teeth white. If your teeth have become stained, get your teeth professionally whitened. You might also use tooth whitening toothpaste, but professional whitening is more effective and faster-acting.

Teeth whitening is an effective procedure that can make all the difference. To make an appointment at Athens Smiles, call today.

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